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  • Water Billing FAQ's

    Will my billing period be the same for water as for electricity?
    Yes, both water and electricity meters will be read on the same date so your billing period will be the same for both services.

    Can I be on the pre-authorized payment plan (PAP) for water?
    Yes. If your electricity account is set up for pre-authorized payments then unless you notify us otherwise your water account will also be set up for pre-authorized payment.

    You cannot have only one or the other (hydro or water) on the PAP plan unless you are a hydro-only or a water-only customer.

    If your account is a combined hydro/water account then it is treated as a single account and the total amount will be withdrawn from your bank account if you choose to be on the PAP plan.

    Can I be on the budget plan for water? How will it affect the budget? If I am on the budget plan for hydro am I automatically set up on the budget plan for water?
    Yes, you can choose the budget plan for water services. If you are on the budget plan for your hydro we will add the actual water charges (not budgeted amounts) to your bill until the next time your budget plan renews, which is either in June or November depending on which billing cycle you are in. At the time of renewal, unless you have notified us otherwise, we will renew your budget plan to include both hydro and water consumption charges.

    Will the water rates be the same as when the municipality billed for water?
    Yes. The City of Sarnia sets the water and sewer rates for customers in the City of Sarnia service area. The Town of Petrolia sets the water and sewer rates for Petrolia customers. Bluewater Power does not apply any extra charges to your bill for providing water meter reading and billing services.

    What are the water rates?
    If you do not have internet access call our office at 519-337-8201 and we will be happy to mail you a copy, or visit our office in person between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. You can also get a copy of the rates by calling your municipal office.

    Will my bill due date be the same for water and electricity?
    Yes. Your water and hydro consumption is treated as a single account and all charges are due on the same date.

    Will I get one bill for both water and hydro services or two separate bills?
    You will receive one bill that includes charges for both services.

    In some cases (such as Landlord and Tenant) there will be two separate bills (one for water and one for electricity) and both of those bills will come from Bluewater Power.

    Will my water services be billed on actual or estimated consumption?
    If you are a bi-monthly hydro billed customer your water will be billed on actual consumption according to your meter reading. If there are issues with accessing your meter, those will be rectified quickly in order to meet our commitment to base billing on actual reads 99% of the time.

    If you are a budget customer, every other month your interim bill will be based on estimated water consumption.

    If I am a property owner with a municipal water account for a rental property, will I and not the tenant continue to be billed?
    Yes. We will set up water accounts based on customer information provided by the municipality. If however, the property owner has a hydro account for a rental property (perhaps for laundry facilities, or apartment hall lighting) we will attach the water billing to that hydro account rather than send two separate bills.

    Is there a deposit applicable to water accounts?

    If my account falls into arrears and I make payments, can I apply the payments specifically to water or hydro or is it all one account?
    No, payments cannot be applied to a specific service. Water and hydro services are treated as a single account and payment is applied to the total account balance. Any arrears will be subject to the current collection process.

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