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  • Time of Use Rates

    New Rates

    2016 Holiday Schedule for Time-of-Use Prices (Regulated Price Plan)

    Electricity used on weekends and holidays is charged the off-peak price during both the Winter and Summer periods. Here are the holidays in 2017 when offpeak prices are in effect.

    Day of Off-Peak Pricing Holiday
    Monday, January 2
    Monday, February 20
    Friday, April 14
    Monday, May 22
    Monday, July 3
    Monday, August 7
    Monday, September 4
    Monday, October 9
    Monday, December 25
    Tuesday, December 26
    New Year's Day
    Family Day
    Good Friday
    Victoria Day
    Canada Day
    Civic Holiday
    Labour Day
    Thanksgiving Day
    Christmas Day
    Boxing Day

    Demand Changes Throughout the Day

    Electricity consumption goes up and down throughout the day. On weekdays, it starts to rise in the morning as people get up and continues to its peak in the late afternoon or evening as people come home. On weekends and holidays, demand is lower overall.

    Time of Use Rates

    Under the time-of-use price plan for smart meters established by the Ontario Energy Board, the price for electricity will vary based on the period during the day when electricity is actually used (see chart below). The periods are:

    • Off-peak - when demand for electricity is lowest
    • Mid-peak - when demand is moderate
    • On-peak - when demand for electricity is highest
    Peak Demands Chart

    These periods will be different in the summer than they are in winter.

    With time-of-use pricing and a smart meter recording when power is actually used, utility companies will charge consumers lower rates for electricity consumed during off-peak hours, and higher rates during on-peak hours when the cost of power is higher. Consumers with a smart meter (and who do not have a contract with an electricity retailer) will have the opportunity to directly impact their electricity bills by taking steps to minimize their electricity usage during peak hours and shifting electricity usage to times when electricity costs are cheaper.

    *Consumers who purchase power from an electricity retailer will continue to pay the rate(s) stipulated in the contract.

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