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  • Kids Safety

    Parents, please remind your children to take special care around electricity.

    Follow these 12 simple safety tips and always Play It Safe Around Electricity.

    1. Never fly your kite near power lines; always find an open space.
    2. Never climb trees near power lines.
    3. Never put fingers or other objects near electrical outlets.
    4. Never go near downed power lines or substations.
    5. Keep ladders and TV antennas away from power lines.
    6. Never use radios, hair dryers, or any electrical appliance near the bathtub.
    7. Stay away from all electrical equipment (meters, transformers, etc.) or wherever you see warning signs.
    8. Don't touch anything electrical when you are wet.
    9. Stay away from the work area and the truck where line technicians are working.
    10. Don't swim or play outside on a stormy day. Remember, water and tall things attract lighting.
    11. Never pull a plug out by the cord.
    12. Obey all safety signs.

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