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  • Industrial Customer PQ Incident Inquiry

    If you are an Industrial Customer and have concerns regarding your power quality, please complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.

    Please note, all inquiries will be responded to within 2 business days.

    Customer Information:
    Contact Name:
    Telephone #:
    Email Address:

    Please answer the following questions about the most recent power quality event you experienced:
    Have you contacted anyone at Bluewater Power about this event(s) before?
    If Yes, enter the name of the person you contacted:
    Details of the Event:
    Date of Event:
    Time of Event:
    Last Known Occurrence:
    Please tell us how often the event or anomaly occurs:
    Is the same equipment affected each time a power quality event occurs?
    Please tell us what power equipment is effected by the event(s):
    Please describe the power quality event in more detail (e.g.. lights dim or flickered, computer equipment fails or locks up, circuits trip, motor stall):
    Please tell us if any were applicable at the time of event:
    New equipment installed at your site?
    Changes in processes (i.e. increase load) at your site?
    Changes in operations / business cycle (i.e. daily to 24 hour shifts) at your site?
    On the following scale, tell us how much the event(s) impact your business:
    Time to restore operation after business:
    Impact to restore operation after event:
    Effect on health, safety, or environment:
    Other Impacts:
    Please describe other:

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