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  • How Do I Get Started?

    Net metering is a multi-step process. Here is what you need to do next:

    1. Find out more about the process: Contact us and we will provide you with our understanding of the technical requirements, the approval process, and how to obtain your net-metering agreement. You should also contact the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), as the ESA must inspect and approve your system to ensure it is properly connected to the electrical grid.
    2. Investigate your renewable energy options: Renewable energy associations, consultants and vendors can provide information. A qualified supplier will be able to determine the most suitable option for you. A solar system may be the best renewable energy option for urban customers since wind or water systems require adequate space and may not be allowable under zoning bylaws. However, wind and water energy are options in rural locations. If you live on a farm you may be able to use an agricultural biomass energy system.
    3. Determine what size of system will suit your needs: Size your system according to your individual energy requirements using your previous bills as a starting point. Since your credits can only be carried forward 12 months, there is no value in over-sizing your system. Also keep in mind that the maximum production allowable is 500 kW.

    Please note: To connect an electricity source you may require additional approvals from the Ministry of the Environment or Ministry of Natural Resources, depending on your location.

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