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  • Smart Meter FAQ's

    What is a smart meter?
    A smart meter measures electricity usage over a specific period of time. Instead of simply measuring how much electricity consumers use over a two month billing period, a smart meter will record how much is being used during each hour of a day. Smart meters will provide customers with the information they need to make decisions about how and when they use electricity.

    Why are Smart Meters being installed?
    In an effort to create a "conservation culture" in Ontario, the Provincial Government has regulated that all smart meter installations across the Province of Ontario be complete by 2010.

    Will the Smart Meter cost anything?
    There is no fee for Bluewater Power to install a smart meter on your house.

    Will a smart meter save me money?
    How much you save depends on how much you reduce and/or shift your electricity usage to lower rate periods. Smart Meters don't conserve electricity, people do! (Please see our section on tips for shifting your electricity load)

    Is everyone getting a smart meter?
    The Ontario Government has only mandated that all residential and small business customers in Ontario receive smart meters by the end of 2010.

    What if I don't want a smart meter?
    The provincial regulations do not allow any Ontario customers or distribution companies to "opt out" of a smart meter. It is a condition of Bluewater Power's distribution license to be compliant with all provincial regulations.

    Will someone still come to read my meter?
    Once the smart meter system is in place and fully functional, there will no longer be a requirement for someone to manually read your meter.

    When will Bluewater Power implement Time-of-Use rates?
    The current indication from the OEB is that individual utilities will make the independent selection of when time-of- use pricing is implemented subject to a "drop-dead" date. This "drop-dead" date is yet to be set by the OEB but once it is determined, it will be mandatory for all utilities to charge time of use pricing by this deadline. It is Bluewater Power's intention at this time not to begin to charge OEB time-of- use pricing until the date on which it becomes mandatory.

    Will changing my electricity usage pattern really make a difference?
    Absolutely! To both you and the environment! To meet the electricity demand during peak periods the province must bring additional power generation on-line or import it from other jurisdictions. Many of these power sources create additional pollution and are also more expensive to operate. Lessening electricity consumption during peak periods reduces Ontario's reliance on these sources of electricity generation.

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