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  • Pole Testing

    Non-Destructive Resistence Drill Testing? Liability and Safety Concerns?
    Bluewater Power can give you peace of mind...

    Rotting utility poles can present a serious reliability issue for your company. Decay is usually not easily identified since 90% of utility pole failure is caused by interior rotting at or just below ground level. The resistograph pole testing methodology is the most reliable technique for testing pole integrity in areas not visible by the eye. Moreover, the technique is less harmful to the pole than other methodologies that leave significant damage behind.

    As a regular part of your preventative maintenance program Bluewater Power will test for pole deterioration by boring a 1.5 mm to 3.0 mm diameter needle drill at a 45 degree angle to a boring depth of approximately 38 mm using specialized Resistograph® equipment.

    Bluewater Power's Pole Testing Services can also identify less common internal rot or damage to the exposed portion of the pole. We provide you with a complete written report including graphical representation of the internal cross-section of every pole tested. Our pole testing staff are certified professional Journeymen Linemen.

    The needle drill resistance method of testing greatly enhances the predictability of utility pole failure, which will prevent the unnecessary exchange of poles and save you time and money. Although utility pole testing can only provide definite analysis information for the specific testing area of the pole, our services will improve the efficiency of your preventative maintenance program.

    Contact us today for a free estimate:
    Bluewater Power Pole Testing Services
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    Sarnia, Ontario
    519-337-8201 x 2265
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