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  • Officers

    Janice L. McMichael-Dennis
    M.B.A., President & Chief Executive Officer

    Janice L. McMichael-Dennis holds the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation and its affiliated corporations. As President & Chief Executive Officer, Janice is responsible for the overall leadership of the organizations.

    Janice holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Western Ontario and a M.B.A. from the University of Windsor and has extensive experience in both the electricity and gas utility sectors.

    Alex Palimaka
    Vice President, Corporate Services & General Counsel

    Alex Palimaka holds the position of Vice-President of Corporate Services and General Counsel. Alex is responsible for the legal and regulatory affairs of the Corporation, as well as risk management and purchasing.

    Alex has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto and is a graduate of the Joint Law and Masters in Environmental Studies Program offered by Osgood Hall Law School and York University. Prior to moving back to Sarnia, Alex practiced municipal law in Toronto and then joined the City of Sarnia where he served as the City Solicitor for nearly five years.

    Cathy Campbell
    Vice President, Human Resources

    Cathy Campbell is the Vice-President of Human Resources for Bluewater Power and its affiliate companies. Cathy is responsible for all areas of Human Resources. This includes Recruitment & Selection, Health & Safety, Compensation Development, Labour Relations, Training & Development, Policies & Procedures, and Benefits for all Active Employees as well as Retirees.

    Cathy has been with Bluewater Power/Sarnia Hydro for over 25 years. She successfully completed her CHRP designation in 2004. Prior to Bluewater Power, Cathy attended Lambton College receiving her Business Administration Diploma with a major in Accounting.

    Tim Vanderheide
    VP of Strategic Planning and COO of Bluewater Power Generation and Electek Power Services Inc.

    Tim Vanderheide is Vice-President, Strategic Planning for Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation and also Chief Operating Officer for Bluewater Power Generation Corporation. Tim is responsible for the development and implementation of Bluewater Power’s renewable energy generation projects as well as the development of new product and service strategies designed to continuously improve shareholders value.

    Mark Hutson
    Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

    Mark Hutson holds the position of Vice-President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation and its affiliated companies. Mark is responsible for all finance and accounting affairs of the corporate group of companies.

    Mark holds an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Economics from Wilfrid Laurier University. Mark obtained his Chartered Accountancy designation in 1996 while working in public accounting. He has been with Bluewater Power since 2003.

    Chris Gould
    Vice President, Operations

    Chris Gould is Vice-President, Operations for Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation and its affiliated companies. Chris is responsible for the Engineering, Lines, Metering, and System Control departments within the organization.

    Chris has been in the electrical field for 15 years. After a period of time in construction he spent 4 years managing the Electrical Distribution infrastructure for one of Sarnia's refineries before joining Bluewater Power.

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